Mission Statement

At Apotheosis, we strive to meld current scientific findings, bio hacks, and real world situations with the timeless wisdom of humanity’s rich inheritance.

The modern West has done great things for humanity: it introduced the idea of Human Rights, has largely dismantled the idea that one race or one gender is better than another, promoted free thinking and free speech, and has conquered many of the problems to our survival that were once deemed part of everyday life.

But the West has largely accepted the materialist reductionist worldview. It has dismissed the idea of a cosmic meaning and purpose.

Human beings cannot long thrive without their existential need to feel meaningful and to live for a higher purpose. In fact, science has by now pretty much confirmed that living purposefully is absolutely essential to living a happy life.

Apotheosis is a project designed to recapture the ancient Graeco-Roman philosophical spirit, which sought to find this purpose and meaning rationally, and to discover the practical ways of obtaining it, putting it into action, and making the human world better.

We seek to create a community of like real philosophers: those willing to explore ideas without bias, and to put those ideas into practice.

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Thank you, and namaste.

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