The Greek word ‘Apotheosis’ means the highest point of achievement, and the Apotheosis blog is all about exploring the latest scientific findings and the best ideas in human history in pursuit of the highest point of human achievement.

While there are plenty of organizations dedicated to doing this, Apotheosis is unique because it fuses philosophy, religion, and literature with the latest relevant science and research.

In truth, philosophy itself is ALL about figuring out what the best way to live is, and then discovering the actual practices needed in order to achieve that life. Philosophia is an ancient Greek word meaning “The Love of Wisdom,” but what many modern readers miss–including many self-styled academic philosophers–is that the word ‘Wisdom’ is distinct from mere cleverness or intelligence.

As the philosopher Philippa Foot wrote, “wisdom is to be contrasted with cleverness because cleverness is the ability to take the right steps to any end, whereas wisdom is related only to good ends, and to human life in general rather than to the ends of particular arts.”

Wisdom is the knowledge of the best way for a human being to live, the attainment of which the ancient Greeks called “eudomonia”: human flourishing.

The Philosopher, as Plato makes clear in his classic work The Symposium, is not the person who has achieved this supreme knowledge; rather, he or she is the one who loves that knowledge, who persues it with the deepest devotion. Ancient Greeks reserved the word ‘sophos’, or ‘sage’, for those individuals who had actually achieved Wisdom, much as the ancient taoists called their wise men masters.

And since, by definition, all human beings desire the end goal of human existence, we are all philosophers, though the vast majority of us don’t think of ourselves in this way. Apotheosis is dedicated to waking our world up to philosophy, to rediscovering REAL philosophy and human flourishing.


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