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A Meditaton on Culture

Every culture inherits a world view and set of assumptions about reality; it’s often difficult to question these assumptions because the culture reflects them to you through most mediums of expression, such as art, philosophy, and everyday discourse.   But worldviews evolve and change. It would be folly to think that the Modern West has […]


Drive, by Daniel Pink

In Daniel Pink’s 2009 book Drive, the question of what exactly motivates us to work our best, to care about a project beyond our material enrichment, and to unlock our creative potential is explored in the same way that Pink explores any topic: brilliantly. In Drive, Pink sets out to burst our common sense illusions […]


A Political Rant

I try to minimize my involvement in political debate in this blog, because I see philosophy as being prior to a political ideology, and more important to focus on. But I did want to briefly share a few ideas today that have been on my mind, loosely related to politics. “For every thousand hacking at […]


Push Through

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post here at Apotheosis, and I figured it was time for a status update of a sort. I’m busy putting the final touches on the first chapter of my first book, Rescuing Your Future: A Manual For Those Who Feel Left Behind. The chapter will deal […]


Little Habits With Big Results

There are a lot of major changes you can make in your life that have huge effects, such as daily meditation and exercise. But there are a few little tweaks that you can do as well. Start drinking more water! If you commit to 8 glasses of water every day, not drinking immediately before or […]


Plato’s Tripartite Theory of the Soul: A brief Meditation

The Indo-Europeans, who most likely developed a pastoral and agricultural culture somewhere on the rolling steppes of Asia (Ukraine is a popular guess), were introduced to the domestication of horses and the implementation of chariots by the Near East cultures they came into contact with, like Mesopotamia. The story is a bit obscured by history, […]