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Little Habits With Big Results

There are a lot of major changes you can make in your life that have huge effects, such as daily meditation and exercise. But there are a few little tweaks that you can do as well. Start drinking more water! If you commit to 8 glasses of water every day, not drinking immediately before or […]


Plato’s Tripartite Theory of the Soul: A brief Meditation

The Indo-Europeans, who most likely developed a pastoral and agricultural culture somewhere on the rolling steppes of Asia (Ukraine is a popular guess), were introduced to the domestication of horses and the implementation of chariots by the Near East cultures they came into contact with, like Mesopotamia. The story is a bit obscured by history, […]


Know Nothings: A Short Contemplation

The more we extend and magnify our senses via technology, the more our context shifts. To the eye, unadorned or enhanced by gadgetry, the earth indeed seems to be the center of everything. The soil seems to be the fundamental unit of matter when we observe unaided by a microscope. As we delve down into […]


On Sacrifice

Neuroscientists divide our individual conception of self into two categories: ‘I’, which refers to our present awareness of self in the moment, and ‘me’, which refers to our conception as a past and future self. Most of us are lost in our heads, thinking about the past–past hurts, for example; or, we’re thinking about our […]


Do This For Renewal and Recharging

We inevitably fall back on old habits and routines during our journey towards self- betterment, and when this happens it’s easy to feel discouraged, like a failure, and out of control. When we feel like we cannot stop the chaotic whirlwind of our lives, we tend to dismiss our own self-agency. This is especially true […]


Information Overload

Having more information at your fingertips isn’t always good. Your brain struggles to piece together a cohesive narrative, and inevitably you will come across contradictory views and accounts. We usually end up defaulting our opinions to some ideological spokesperson as a result, and this is the exact opposite of what we consumed the information for […]